Dora Makri

Dora Makri

At iframe we pride ourselves on bringing brands to life through unique, thoughtful designs.


Today, we are excited to share this work, a special transformation for a local jewelry designer, Dora Makri.

Our collaboration with Dora Makri began with the critical task of designing a new logo. The logo, as the cornerstone of visual identity required a careful approach. We delved into the heart of the artistic ethos of the designer, exploring her passion, craftsmanship and unique style. From this research, we developed & designed a logo that symbolizes her commitment to artisanal excellence and modern aesthetics.

Following the logo, we continued with a comprehensive visual communication and the aim was to create a harmonious combination of the old and the new, reflecting the philosophy of the jewelry store.

The colour palette chosen is both modern and timeless, as are Dora Makri’s creations, while the typography balances readability with artistic aesthetics. The result is a cohesive, sophisticated and compelling corporate identity that truly resonates with the spirit of the jeweler.

Our design solutions were not just theoretical, but applied at many points of contact. The revamped corporate identity adorns everything from the showcase, packaging to the website, offering a unified and enriched brand experience for every customer.

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