Creating a corporate identity in a boutique fish shop was a challenge. In an aesthetically upgraded space with the architectural view prevailing we wanted to draw this base, as an inspiration of creativity.


So for the fish shop Medousa we designed the logo with the typography chosen to give us the feeling of Ripple to join the liquid element as communication.

The extension of the wavy pattern extended to the whole corporate identity while it was based on the architecture of the space thus creating a clear visual communication. Driven by the ripple of the sea, we expanded the corporate identity in various projections & applications, symbolizing at the same time peace and strength.

The shades of blue, white and red are chosen to reflect the diverse, ever-changing nature of the sea and evoke a calm, yet dynamic feeling.

The visual communication that was designed was captured in space conferences inspired by the traditional fish wrapping paper and the ripples of the sea. Apart from the decorative applications in the space, a study of signaling was done, thus creating a strong and coherent experience in the space.

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