In iframe we had the pleasure to develop a set of visual communication for the luxurious tourist accommodation located in the heart of an olive grove in Pelion. A space that aims at privacy and intends to transmit an unforgettable experience to those who choose it.


The initial challenge was naming the venue. At this point, a careful treatment and filtered selection for the naming of the hotel establishment is required. So we chose PELIVA, a word that combines the destination “Pelion” (Pelion) and the word Oliva, honoring both the location and an old olive grove that hosts the accommodation.

Our team worked closely with the hotel owners to create a cohesive and elegant visual identity that reflects the unique character and luxurious services of the facility. For the design of the logo and storytelling in general, we based the story on a series of events that took place in Pelion and led to the Trojan War . There the protagonists were Hera, Aphrodite and Athena where they claimed the Golden Apple, strong elements that played a decisive role in the design of our visual communication and marking of the space. The typography that was chosen to accompany the symbol was a serif typography designed to highlight the history combined with the luxury of the space, while finally the color palette is based on earthy colors that refer to the atmosphere and nature that surrounds the hotel unit. For this case, a series of illustrations were designed to enhance the uniqueness we sought in the design.

The visual identity that we developed for PELIVA was applied to all contact points, in a comprehensive design of signage and signage of the site up to the prints on selected special papers, the design & construction of the hotel website. The end result is a visually impressive and stable visual communication that enhances the overall aesthetics of the hotel and enhances the experience of its guests.

Overall, we are proud to have worked with PELIVA to bring the owners ‘ vision to life and we believe that the identity we created will enhance the tourist accommodation to stand out in a highly competitive market and attract discerning travelers seeking a luxurious and unique experience in the heart of the olive groves of Pelion.

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