We took considerable time to understand the basic values of vosporos restaurant that dominates the Mikrolimano of Piraeus and the unique Oriental culture that the space embodies.


This knowledge became the foundation upon which we built the brand’s visual identity. Our goal was to create an experience that was not just about food, but a holistic cultural journey into the Oriental world in a modern dining structure.

Our approach to the design of the restaurant logo was to incorporate elements suggestive of oriental culture, while remaining in a modern & sophisticated design line. The logo is based on Sunrise elements with an emphasis on the sun, thus creating a powerful visual symbol that accompanies the elegant typography chosen

We chose a color palette that resonates with the rich and varied flavors found in oriental cuisine. Earthy tones matching the deep red of the space and distinctive gold representing the spices were used to create a welcoming and cosy atmosphere. These colours were then incorporated into the design of the restaurant’s menu, placemats, space signage, staff uniforms and interior design, providing a unified and immersive experience to customers.

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