Brand Identity for hotel. What does it consist of?

Brand Identity for hotel. What does it consist of?

The brand identity or visual identity of a hotel or tourist accommodation includes a combination of visual, verbal and experiential elements that represent its unique qualities, values and personality. These elements work together to create a lasting and memorable impression in the minds of guests and differentiate your hotel from its competitors.

The key elements we define are the following:

Name & tagline: the name of your hotel should be memorable, easily recognizable and reflect the brand and overall image of the hotel. By the same token and to reinforce the hotel name we verbally define the tagline should be concise, memorable and reinforce the brand positioning of the hotel.

Logo: a distinctive and recognisable symbol or design that represents your hotel and its brand. Logo design should convey the personality, values and unique characteristics of the hotel and is the beginning of a complete graphic design concept, a storytelling narrative. Its design style is determined by the overall brand.

Typography: The fonts and typographic styles used in the hotel’s written communications, including site signage, marketing materials in print or digital format. The same philosophy will continue in the design & construction of the website. Typography should be consistent with the personality of the overall brand personality.

Colour palette: through careful research and collaboration, a set of colours is selected to represent the visual identity of the hotel and evoke specific emotions or associations. The color palette should be consistent across all touch points, from marketing materials & print, website, social media to interior hotel applications.

Images and graphic design: an important element in giving a colloquial visual communication is the photographs, illustrations and patterns used. All elements should reflect the unique characteristics of the hotel and appeal to the target audience we are aiming for.

Brand experience: the overall guest experience at the hotel, from the point before they visit to their arrival, must be of a high standard and includes visual communication, atmosphere, service style, amenities and design. This creates a memorable impression that encourages guests to return and love your brand.

Brand Guide Line: Essentially it is the one that outlines the rules and guidelines for using the hotel brand identity consistently across all touchpoints. The guide helps maintain a consistent image and ensures that all staff members and external partners understand and comply with the hotel’s branding standards.

Website Design & Construction: Of particular importance for the consistency of the Brand Identity is the design & construction of the website. At iframe, we emphasize both design and browsing to create a unique experience for your website visitor, with the dynamic of imagery and action through the website.

A well-designed hotel visual identity not only creates a strong and memorable impression, but also contributes to a consistent and cohesive guest experience that drives customer loyalty.

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