iframe type foundry

iframe type foundry

What is the iframe type foundry?

At our creative agency “iframe” the production of original fonts is an integral part of the studio’s approach and exploration of typography. The need in specific projects of our clients, which from a few letters in the design of a logo, brought the birth of complete Greek fonts. We appreciate the value typography brings to a brand’s image and with the new knowledge we discover daily, we have come to the point of providing through iframe type foundry, a range of fonts that travel through the art of graphic design around the world!


The Future of Greek Fonts

The world of printing continues to evolve, with new technologies and design trends. Greek fonts will continue to evolve and adapt to the needs of the times, always maintaining their beauty and functionality.

With the right choice and use, they can add a great character to any project, whether it’s printing, web projects, applications or anything else that needs typography.


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