Web Hoteling

The overwhelming percentage of hotel guests look for information via the internet in order to choose the hotel of their choice for their stay. Usually the user carries out the main market research via the internet and after filtering his main criteria, he will choose the hotel that best meets his requirements. The experience he gets from each website he visits plays a decisive role in his final booking decision. At this point, the competitive advantage will be the hotel with the most user-friendly, elegant and organized website.

For this reason, our company specializes in the construction of websites, which allows us to achieve the goals you have set for your hotel’s online presence and advise you with effective promotion tactics.


Creating a unique experience

At iframe we give special importance to both the design and the study of the navigation in order to create a special experience for the visitor of your website, with the dynamics of the image and the action through the website. The design study begins with the analysis of the company profile of your hotel and which information you want us to emphasize, e.g. in online bookings. Then, according to all the data we have collected, we design the website of your hotel and adapt it to your needs.


We pay particular attention to usability and user experience throughout the design process. A friendly browsing environment has a positive effect on the transmission of information and brings us closer to the goals we have set, e.g. a reservation.

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Interactive prototyping
Web development
App development
eCommerce solutions