Logo design and its importance in branding

Logo design and its importance in branding

The visual identity of a brand starts with its logo and is usually the first impression a potential customer has of the brand. At iframe we specialize in logo design for a product or business that aims to effectively communicate visually with potential customers.


But what makes a logo successful for effective branding?


σχεδιασμός λογοτύπου


Designing a logo or wordmark is not just about writing the name of the company it represents, it’s about conveying its values and the story behind it.


Every logo is the centre of interest and the foundation of a brand’s visual communication. In today’s digital world, a distinctive logo is vital to the recognition of a product or business. For a logo to be considered successful, it must be unique and designed with the appropriate technical skills so that it can work seamlessly across all the necessary applications of a brand system.


In collaboration with you, we will analyze your business plan in depth and adapt your visual identity to the brand system you want to create. The colours and fonts used play an important role in the development of your corporate profile.

λογότυπο για εταιρίες

At iframe, 10 years of experience in logo design has resulted in our creative approach to be holistic with the aim of a unique, distinctive and suitable logo for digital and print based applications. We have successfully created logos for many institutions, products and companies and have helped many companies to effectively deliver branding and strategic ideas in visual communication for their clients.


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