COMOPROF was founded in 1995 and is active in the field of hairdressing and aesthetics. Its headquarters are located in Ioannina where it operates a wholesale and retail store.


It offers professional hair products, cosmetics and tools, of the leading companies in the market, professional manicure-penticure and aesthetics products, constantly increasing the variety of products having as criterion quality, innovation, specialization, adapting to new fashion trends, constantly covering the growing needs of customers.


The redesign of the e-shop it was based on user experience and mobile first logic. We carefully checked the analytics and carried out targeted research into funnel exploration and user routes. Wireframes then took their place in user interface design, with the company profile giving the basis of colors and fonts. The sections on the homepage are arranged in such a way that the user can accept all information easily and intelligibly, Trending Now, Best Sellers, CTA Banners create the appropriate flow.


The filter system with ajax application, gives rapidly the categorization result selected by the user. Filters make selection by: MANUFACTURERS, BRANDS, SERIES, PACKAGING, TONE HEIGHT, HAIR TYPE, HAIR NEED, MASK/TREATMENT TYPE, OFFERS, GIFT OFFERS.


The application of search is a very important point in any eshop. The construction was done with the ajax system and can process words in the database not only from product titles but also keywords from the description.


Finally, a special study was done at checkout where the user is isolated in a clear environment for the completion of his order.

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