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Peliva Nature & Suites

At PELIVA Nature & Suites a thoughtful custom design is chosen taking into account the high quality of services of the tourist accommodation. The warm colors of Pelion a destination for the whole year led us to design the website with high aesthetics and selected chromatology that highlights the photographic reception of the installation.


Branding details adorn the design world of the site giving an extra mood for a pleasant online experience that immediately gives you the feeling of the real image you will face with your visit to the site.


Carefully selected the placement of BOOK NOW for successful usability on the website when navigating desktop and mobiles. The typography followed Peliva‘s brand guide and along with the wonderful photographs formed the backbone of UI design.


Architectural design – Supervision: G2lab Giannis & Giorgos Efthymiadis
Interior design: G2lab Giannis & Giorgos Efthymiadis
Images © Dimitris Spyrou


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